Access to the script

Teams A and B cast should have their own script. If this has been lost a replacement can be purchased for £10. Books do not need to be returned to us and can be written in. A script can also be found on the following link; Script CLICK HERE

Access to the soundtrack

The soundtrack can be found by clicking the link below; Aladdin Album - click here

Performance Information

Performance is to be filmed with no audience for purcahsing of DVDS. Performance Venue - Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury, SY3 8FT Performance Date - 21st March 2021

Purchasing Tickets

DVD orders can be placed in February 2021. Tickets that have been purchased will be refunded by the Theatre Severn box office team - please wait for them to contact you.

Costume Requirements

The cast are all required to provide black trousers and black shoes. Jazz shoes are preffered.

Cast List

TEAM A Rehearsals - Tuesday 6pm - 7pm Aladdin - Jude Wilding Jasmine - Evie Smith Kassim - Regan Belton Omar - Mia Harvey Babkak - Morgan Lewis Genie - Charlie Yeowmans Jafar - Ewan Griffiths Iago - Toby Gray Sultan - Jonny Carroll Isir - Lizzy Nash (rehearses Thursday) Manal - Lilly Quinn Rajah - Georgia Hall-Salter (rehearses Thursday) Razoul - Roman Beedles Prince Abdullah - Oliver Sobey (rehearses Thursday) Cave of Wonders - Molly France Spooky Voice - Oz Lovell Fortune Teller - Poppy Moelwyn-Williams Apple Vendor - Naomi Sanders Beggar - Emily Marsh Beggar - Nancy Foxall Beggar - Holly Brookes Shop Owner - Hannah Slater Ensemble Izzy Regalade Tily Springthorpe Aniella Poli Jess Moore Josie Cox Keziah Titchford TEAM B Rehearsals - Thursdays 5pm - 6pm or 7pm - 8pm (as currently rehearsing) Aladdin - Max Patsiogiannis Jasmine - Leah Williams Kassim - Maisie Freeman Omar - Polly Freeman Babkak - Max Wellington Genie - Hattie Candler Jafar - Toby Stower Iago - Jack Sadler Sultan - Dan Trifunovic Isir - Lucy Morris Manal - Meg Board Rajah - Keira Crocket Razoul - Harry Lawrence Prince Abdullah - Ewan Hughes-Williams Guard - Daniel Nayman Cave of Wonders -Katie Holmes Spooky Voice - Harry Lawrence Fortune Teller - Violet Williams Apple Vendor - Abbi Worley-Foster Beggar - Sophie Osbourne Beggar - Millie Holmes Beggar - Emily Whitmore Shop Owner - TBC Guard - Ollie Jones Ensemble Josie Handley Lexi Varley Isabel Lambah Maisie Forber Carrie Davies Imogen Edwards Freya Breeze Evie Lewis Elissa Ingram Team Cave of Wonders: Maggie Mccoy Leyla Tipton Ruby Westley Poppy Bones Poppy Breeze Alivia Thomas Poppy Richards Megan Haycocks Alivia Thomas Team Magic Carpet: Lola Barker Annabelle Bennett Merryn Edwards Sophia Martin Lauren Ruberry Kaidence Quigley George Wright Maisie Nicholls Team Genie: Matthew Fox Heidi Maddocks Marissa Makan Alicia Makan Noah Periton Freya Wilde Maisy Nicholls Lottie Jones Mariam Freya Aston Harry Heyes Alys Roach Team Abu: Hannah Castree Isabelle Ellis Mollie Hughes Sophie Peake Sophia Hayes Amelie Crane Ellie Crane Livia Hanmer Elijah Carrol Kaidence Frisby Trinity (Jeanie) Frisby

Theatre Rehearsal Information

Please see performance team section.

Term Fee / Session information

Sessions run at The GYWO studio. The spring term will run upto the performance on 21st March and fees can be paid on the shop page of our website. All fees are due to be paid before 4th January 2021.

Performance Teams

Team Cave of Wanders and Team Magic Carpet - Arrive at Theatre Severn Stage door 10am and collect at 11.30am. Team Genie and Team Abu - Arrive at Theatre Severn Stage door 11.30am and collect at 12.30pm. Team A - Arrive at Theatre Severn Stage door 1pm and collect at 3.45pm. Team B - Arrive at Theatre Severn Stage door 4pm and collect at 7.30pm

Access to dance tutorials

These video links will be uploaded throughout the next week.




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