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Child performance application form

If your child is aged 16 or under, in full-time education, and has performed in more than four live performances within a 12-month period, you need to fill out a child performance licence application form for each additional production your child takes part in. If your child performs in multiple instances of the same show, each instance counts towards the four-performance limit. For example, if your child performs twice in "Matilda," it counts as two performances.

Live performances include any event with a paying audience, such as:

  • All indoor and outdoor events

  • School concerts and performances

  • Performances with our company

  • Performances with other companies

Please note:

Once your child has left school, or will perform in fewer than four live performances within a 12-month period, this form is not required.

You must fill out a separate child performance licence application form for each different production. Without this form, Shropshire Council will not grant permission for your child to perform on stage. We believe all the necessary information is provided here. If you follow these instructions, you should not need to contact us for further clarification. Thank you for your understanding.

Attached is PART 2 of the form which is required to be filled in and submitted by you along with the specified ID. You can either print it off, fill it in by hand, and scan or photograph it, OR you can fill it in on a computer or iPad/tablet device by clicking 'show form filling toolbar'.

Once filled in, please send it directly to, and he will liaise with Shropshire council issue your child performance licence application. Please do not send this form to us as we are unable to process this application.

 the form:

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