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Elf  Winter 2020



Many thanks for all of those that attended our ELF auditions. We are thrilled with our cast who will be spreading sparklejollytwinklejingley magic later this year!


We look forward to starting rehearsals Wednesday 15th January (10-17 year olds) and Friday 17th January (6-9 year olds)


We have a few solo and small roles to be cast throughout the rehearsals and will be auditioning ensemble members over the term. 

There is still space to join the fun and we are looking for male and female dancers to join the Wednesday session - email info@wigles.co.uk for more information. 

Well done to everyone... we are extremely excited to get started!






Santa Claus – George Clutton

Buddy – Ewan Griffiths 

Jovie – Izzy Oliver

Walter Hobbs – Morgan Lewis

Emily Hobbs – Regan Belton

Michael Hobbs – Isaac Houghton and George Sawbridge

Charlie – Rhys Viner 

Shawanda / Santa’s Helper – Millie Holmes 

Deb – Katie Holmes

The Manager – Edward Roose

Mr. Greenway / Fake Santa – Roman Beedles

Matthews – Tom Parker

Chadwick – Harriet Howells

Charlotte Dennon – Sophie Osbourne

Sarah / Macy’s Employee 1 - Zoe Thurston

Darlene Lambert / Comforting New Yorker – Violet Williams

Sarah / Emma Van Brocklin – Layla Hill

Flyer Guy #1 - Izzy Seekins

Flyer Guy #2 - Rhea Dyght

Business Woman - Tilly Springthorpe

New Yorker 1- Hannah Main

New Yorker 2 - Laura Haycocks

Jogger - Georgia Begley

Passerby - Jess Moore

Security Guard 1 - Jonny Carrol

Security Guard 2 - Jude Wilding

Saleswoman - Hannah Slaytor

Child - Friday Junior Cast

Policeman #1 - Jonny Carrol

Policeman #2 - Jude Wilding

New Yorkers / Carolers: Kaidence Frisby, Francesca Edwards, Felicity Seekins, Megan Bowland, Lola Jones, Amelie Lycett, Chloe Williams, Maddy Simmons, Pearl Ratcliff.


​Sam, Teenager, Finale Soloists & Soloist Elf’s to be cast in February


The Elves (in no particular order): 

Amelie Crane, Heidi Maddocks, Victoria Oni, Alicia Makan, Eloise Cristinance, Jaxon Meagre, Mariam Hammam, Freya Perks, Trinity Frisby, Elissa Ingram, Florence Edwards, Maisie Nichols, Aniela Poli, Katelyn Parsons, Kai Bourne, Owen Bowdler, Jonty Bowdler, Ivy Schwartzer, Noah Perriton, Lottie Jones

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