''Consider yourself part of the furniture...''

Oliver  May 2020


Nancy (For children’s Team B) - Amy Tennant

Nancy (For children’s Team A) - Emily Gant

Widow Corney -  Abbie Jagger

Mrs Sowerberry - Kathryn Poli

Mrs Bedwin - Hannah Gamston

Old Sally - Ev Watson 

Matron - Tanya Bebb

Strawberry Seller - Jodie Welch

Rose Seller - Regan Belton

Milk Maid - Danni Williams

First Woman - Lucy Sirdefield 

Second Woman - Kimberley Burbidge

Girl - Orla Jones

Fagin - Tom Gordon        

Bill Sykes - Harri Herniman    

Mr Bumble - James Archer        

Brownlow / Chairman  - Karl Thompson

Sowerberry / Second Man / Second Runner - James Broxton

Governor / Grimwig / Hussar - Adam Langford         

Knife Grinder / First Man / First Runner - Steve Oliver

Lamp lighter - Ian Handley    

Noah Claypole (For children’s Team B) - Ewan Griffiths

Noah Claypole (For children’s Team A) - Morgan Lewis


Saoirse Gibson, Jemma Lovell, Hannah Hopwood, Hannah Schwarzer, Nicola Park


Abbie White, Jodie Welch, Izzy Oliver, Emily Matthews, Emma Chadwick, Jodi Ecclestone, Chloe Broxton, Regan Belton, Danni Williams, Eloise Jones, Ross Wigley, Christian Lugtu, Ewan Griffiths


Tuesday  6.15pm - 7.15pm

Performances (Thursday Matinee, Friday Night, Saturday Matinee)

Oliver - Patrick Davies

Dodger - Nye Crane

Charley Bates - Isaac Houghton

Nipper - Poppy Moelwyn-Williams

Captain - tbc

Gang Boy - Kiran Chandra

Boy Book Seller - Toby Gray

Bet - Friday Night - Mia Harvey

Bet - Saturday Matinee - Millie Harrower 

Bet - Thursday Matinee - Lily Carney-Bradshaw

Noah (also ensemble) - Morgan Lewis

Charlotte (also ensemble) - Mia Harvey


Aled Houghton, Harrison Hilditch-Brown, Frankie Telford, Oliver Harvey, Matthew Crowe, Harrison Lord, Nancy Foxall, Kathy Rivett, Emily Marsh, Keziah Titchford, Grace Hilditch-Brown, Emily Heron, Josie Cox, Aniela Poli, Megan Ostrowski, Grace Ostrowski,  Jess Howitt, Jess Moore, Sophie Harwood, Daniel McCloud, Holly Boulger


Wednesday  5pm - 6pm

Performances (Thursday Evening, Friday Matinee, Saturday Evening)

Oliver - George Sawbridge

Dodger - Harry Lewis

Charley Bates - Gabriel Barford 

Nipper - Katie Holmes

Captain - Akaash Das

Gang Boy - Peter Balmer

Boy Book Seller - 

Bet - Thursday Evening - Etholle Reynolds

Bet - Saturday Evening - Lily Quinn

Bet - Friday Matinee - Izzy Regalade 

Noah (also ensemble) - Ewan Griffiths

Charlotte (also ensemble) - Etholle Reynolds


Daniel Nayman, Oz Lovell, Toby Stower, Elijah Mcree, Lola Woodhouse, Naomi Sanders, Millie Holmes, Violet Williams, Emily Whitmore, Molly Tuer, Isla Gutteridge, Amelie Butcher, Robyn Howard, Leyla Tipton, Sofia Okeefe-Williams, Rory Corfield

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