Matilda 30 min edition

''sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty...''

Matilda juniors cast 14th April 2019


Cast List

Narrator 1 - Megan Ostrowski

Narrator 2- Isabella Regalade

Narrator 3 - Millie Holmes

Narrator 4 - Molly Speake 

Matilda - Isobel Hickman

Lavender - Martha Bruce

Amanda - Holly Boulger

Hortensia - Robyn Howard

Erica - Josie Cox

Nigel - Ollie Jones

Tommy -  Matthew Crowe

Bruce - Isaac Houghton

Mrs Wormwood - Lily Carney-Bradshaw

Trunchball - Katie Holmes 

Mr Wormwood - Euan Hughes-Williams

Rudolpho - Harrison Lord

Miss Honey - Millie Harrower

Mrs Phelps - Edie Lewis

Escapologist - Kiran Chandra

Doctor - Jess Moore

Escapologists Wife - Molly France

Acrobats Evil Sister - Holly Brooks


Young School Kids

Poppy Moelwyn-Williams, Nina Crowe, Harrison Hilditch-Brown, Sienna Richards, Olivia Kirby, Charlie Bailey


Older School Kids

Katlin Marvel, Grace Hilditch-Brown, Emily Heron, Lila Featherstone 


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