Snow White and the Sassy Dwarfs

''Panto's back...alright''

Snow White 

Cast List

Fairy Goodheart - Lucy Morris

Wonderwings - Toby Stower

Queen Grimelza - Alicia France-Evans

Black Wing  - Katie Holmes

Snow White - Emma Sheppard

Dolly Dumpling - Roman Beedles

Danny Dumpling - Bronte Scott

Prince Frederick - Max Wellington

Bogwart - Jess Foxall

Stinkwart - Nancy Foxall

Worrywart - Izzy Seekins

Speak true - Emily Ogilvie

Dance captain - Layla Hill

Solo lines:

Victoria - Harriet Howells

Valerie  - Lily Quinn

Vanessa - Zoe Thurston

Vivian - Emily Heron

Violet  - Hannah Main

Velma - Caitlin Woodall

Woody - Tara Jarvis

Chuck - Sophie Osbourne

Maggie Clarke


The Seven Dwarfs:

TD - Edward Roose

Grouchy - Dee Caroll

Snoozy - Caitlin Downes

Sniffly - Sophie Jones

Cheerful - Lilly Herries

Dozy - Clara Garavini

Disney - Millie Holmes


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