What are the studio term dates?

Our studio tends to run the same as Shropshire schools. We do not open for sessions for the weeks of our productions. An overview calander can be found in our 'term dates' section.

What performance is my child in?

All performance teams can be found by clicking on 'ABOUT THE SHOW' on the productions page. Show times and dress rehearsal info can be found in the 'CAST HUB' in the 'MEMBERS AREA' which can be accesed from the 'STUDIOS PAGE'. If your child is not listed please email info@wigles.co.uk and we will make sure they are added and allocated a performance team.

What is the Wigle uniform?

We require all members to wear blacks when rehearsing with us. It is preferable that dance shoes or shoes not worn outside are worn in the studio. We have a range of t-shirts and jumpers available for purchase on our website.

I have placed an order for merchandise - how do i collect it?

All items listed on our website are in stock at the studio. Items are to be collected at your convenience - members simply need to ask a member of staff on the door. If you require a private colelction please let us know.

When are term fees due?

Term fees for each term are due within the first two weeks, after which late fees will be applied. All fees must be paid via class manager. Please email info@wigles.co.uk if you have any questions

What does my child need for the production?

All information on what is required for the production is listed on the specific show page on the members hub.

My child has lost their script - can i get a replacement?

Yes - but there is a replacement cost. £5 for printed scripts, £12 for junior books, £25 for adult scripts.

My child cant make a session - what do i do?

Please ensure you use the absence form that can be found in the MEMBERS AREA.

I have moved house, job or got a new mobile number - do i need to tell you?

Yes please. Simply complete a new updated members form that can be found at the top of this page.

My child has a new medical condition - do you need to know?

Yes please. Simply complete a new updated members form that can be found at the top of this page.

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House move? New phone number? Click here to fill in a new members form.

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Going on holiday? Dentist appointment? Let us know if you can't make one of your sessions.