Welcome backstage! 

Here you will find all the information you need regarding additional rehearsal information, drop off times, costume requirements and access to rehearsal materials.



In alphabetical order:


Baby Kanga                     Lyla Saxton    

Bird Girl                           Ella Oliver 

Bird Girl                           Issy Hickman    

Bird Girl                           Jess Foxall    

Bird Girl                           Lizzy Nash    

Bird Girl                           Naomi Sanders

Bird Girl                           Regan Belton    

Bird Girl                           Suzie Edwards    

Bird Girl                           Violet Williams    

Boy                                  Aled Houghton    

Cat                                   Louie Peagam    

Featured Dancer            Georgia Hall-Salter

Featured Dancer            Gracie Hughes

Featured Dancer            Holly Brookes    

Featured Dancer            Katie Holmes     

Featured Dancer            Lola Woodhouse    

Featured Dancer            Maddy Middleton    

Featured Dancer            Millie Holmes    

Featured Dancer            Sandy-Sophie Patterson    

Gertrude                         Emily Whitmore    

Horton                             Morgan Lewis    

Maisy                               Bella Yeardley    

Mr Mayor                        George Sawbridge    

Mrs Mayor                       Nina Crowe    

Sour Kanga                      Keira Crocket    

Whickersham Brother     Jacob France    

Whickersham Brother     Matthew Davies    

Whickersham Brother     Noah Fisher    

Whickersham Brother     Nye Crane    

Whickersham Brother     Oliver Sobey    

Whickersham Brother     Patrick Davies    

Whickersham Brother     Roman Beedles    

Whickersham Brother     Toby Stower    

Who                                  Elijah McAree    

Who                                  Freya Aston    

Who                                  Lexi Statham    

Who                                  Victoria Oni    


This project will consist of 7 studio rehearsals and the event on May 21st. All rehearsals are FREE to attend. 


5.00 - 6.30pm Tuesday 26th April 2022

5.00 -6.30pm Tuesday 3rd May 2022

5.00 - 6.30pm Tuesday 10th May 2022

6.00 - 7.30pm Thursday 12th May 2022 (for those who can attend)

5.00 - 6.30pm Tuesday 17th May 2022

6.00 - 7.30pm Thursday 19th May 2022 (for those who can attend)

6.00 - 7.30pm Friday 20th May 2022


Access to an online version of the script can be found by CLICKING HERE. If possible, please download and print this before next rehearsal.

Access to the practice tracks and backing tracks can be found by CLICKING HERE.

A Facebook group called GYWO JTF22 has been created where videos of the dance routines will be posted throughout the rehearsal process for children to practice at home. Please request access and ensure you mention the name of your child. 


The JTF festival members are asked to wear black joggers or black leggings and black trainers.

Female identifying cast members:

Unbranded black leggings or black joggers, black socks and black trainers or pumps. A free t-shirt will be provided.


Male identifying cast members:

Unbranded black joggers, black socks and black trainers or pumps. A free t-shirt will be provided.

Those with long hair are asked to ensure hair is neat and off the face

A packed lunch is included but snacks, drinks and an evening meal are not. We recommend children drinks, bringing refillable water bottles, lots of snacks and food for their evening meal which can be eaten later in the day. Once the kids enter the ICC arena they are not able to leave. There is a Starbucks located within the ICC but we anticipate this will be very busy and therefore this should not be relied upon. 


On May 21st the Coach will depart from Abbey Foregate coach car park at 6.45am and will arrive back in Shrewsbury around 8.30pm. Please note: the BOULTON's coach will not be able to wait - we recommend packing your bag on Friday evening and set that alarm nice and early ; ) 


Thank you to all of you who apple to join us on our JTF trip. Our chaperone team is now oversubscribed - we look forward to sharing our day with you : )