Access to the script

Teams A and B cast should have their own script. If this has been lost a replacement can be purchased for £10. Books do not need to be returned to us and can be written in. A script can also be found on the following link; CLICK HERE

Access to the soundtrack

The soundtrack can be found by clicking the link below; CLICK HERE

Performance Information

Performance Venue - Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury, SY3 8FT Performance Date - 8th - 10th July 2021

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets will be ammended shortly on the Theatre Severn website - any tickets purchased will be transferred to new dates and can easily be exchanged for an alternate show.

Costume Requirements

Full information due on this page in March.

Cast List

WEDNESDAY REHEARSAL TEAM: Tomatoa Right Claw: Tomatoa Left Claw: Rhea Dyght Tomatoa Right Claw: Elijah McAree Tomatoa Left Claw: Emily Whitmore Tomatoa Right Claw: Daniel McCloud Tomatoa Left Claw: Evie Pitt Team Sand Violet Howard Harlow Haynes Imogen Edwards Ivy Schwarzer Sophie Peake Alice Deacon Aled Houghton Isla Mcdonald Layla Tipton Oliver Nayman Team Sea Elissa Ingram Freya Breeze Rhea Dyght Emily Whitmore Evie Pitt Paige Wigley Jason Meagre Lexi Statham Ivy Kilburn Patrick Argylian THURSDAY REHEARSAL TEAM: Moana - Ella Oliver Gramma Tala - Edie Lewis Sina & Tomatoa - Alicia France-Evans Te Fiti & Te Ka - Katie Holmes Maui - Ewan Griffiths Chief Tui - Max Patsiogiannis Pua - Georgia Hall Salter Hei Hei - Libby Keeble Chief Ancestor 1 - Jess Foxall Chief Ancestor 2 - Toby Stower Chief Ancestor 3 - Bronte Scott Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Millie Holmes Principle Dancer / Ensemble -Lexi Varley Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Ella Rowlands Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Molly France Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Grace Parker Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Nina Crowe Fisherman 1 / Dancer Ensemble - Jessie Nicholas Fisherman 2 - Elijah McAree Daniel Nayman FRIDAY REHEARSAL TEAM: Moana - Lizzy Nash Gramma Tala - Violet Williams Sina / Tomatoa - Lucy Worton Te Fiti / Te Ka - Holly Brookes Maui - Hugo Jennings Chief Tui - Jacob France Pua - Issy Hickman Hei Hei - Isaac Houghton Chief Ancestor 1 - Bella Yeardley Chief Ancestor 2 - Lily Quinn Chief Ancestor 3 - Abbie Worley Foster Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Izzy Seekins Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Betty Evans Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Auckland Lord Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Ella Statham Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Amelie Butcher Principle Dancer / Ensemble - Maddie Middleton Ensemble - Lily Onions Ensemble - Sophie Bowen Fisherman 1 / Ensemble - TBC Fisherman 2 / Ensemble - Lilly Anne Herries Young and Juniors Performance Teams TEAM COCONUT Olivia Oni Rueben Pearce Otis Kearnes Ruby Smith Willow Lovell Isabelle Ellis Lottie Jones Maisie Nichols Eli Carroll Alicia Makan Marissa Makan TEAM PALM TREE Aria Butcher Tilly Simmonds Jake Ruscoe Winnie Challenor Iola Povall Lola Barker Merryn Edwards Lauren Ruberry Maggie Mccoy Ruby Westley Poppy Bones Poppy Breeze Caidance Quigley Alivia Thomas TEAM ISLAND Robyn Powel Eloise Christance Scarlet Taylor Ophelia Burbidge Wilfred Burbidge Jacob Aston Matthew Fox Hannah Castree Freya Aston Livia Hanmer Millie Victoria Oni

Theatre Rehearsal Information

Thursday Team rehearsal Tuesday 6th July 5pm - 8.30pm Friday Team rehearsal Wednesday 7th July 5pm - 8.30pm Wednesday and Friday rehearsals to be confirmed soon. Please arrive at stage door to be signed in by our staff.

Term Fee / Session information

Sessions run at The GYWO studio. The spring term will run for 12 weeks and fees can be paid on the shop page of our website. All fees are due to be paid before 4th January 2021.

Performance Teams

WEDNESDAY REHEARSAL TEAM: Team Sand Performance Dates 8th - 10th July 2021 (Thursday 8th 7.30pm, Saturday 1.30pm & Saturday 4.30pm) Team Sea Performance Dates 8th - 10th July 2021 (Friday 5pm, Friday 7.30pm & Saturday 7.30pm) Thursday 7.30pm & Friday 5.00pm Tomatoa Right Claw: Gabe Barford Tomatoa Left Claw: Rhea Dyght Saturday 1.30pm & Saturday 4.30pm Tomatoa Right Claw: Elijah McAree Tomatoa Left Claw: Emily Whitmore Friday 7.30pm & Saturday 7.30pm Tomatoa Right Claw: Daniel McCloud Tomatoa Left Claw: Evie Pitt THURSDAY REHEARSAL TEAM: Thursday 7.30pm, Saturday 1.30pm & Saturday 4.30pm FRIDAY REHEARSAL TEAM: Friday 5.00pm, Friday 7.30pm & Saturday 7.30pm Friday Young Teams TEAM COCONUT (Performing on Thursday at 7.30pm and Saturday 1.30pm) TEAM PALM TREE (Performing on Friday at 5.00pm and 7.30pm) TEAM ISLAND (Performing on Saturday at 4.30pm and 7.30pm)

Access to dance tutorials

These video links will be uploaded throughout the next week.




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