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Oliver  show information

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With information on extra rehearsals written below.

Sunday rehearsal dates at the studio

Team B - 17th January from 2pm - 8pm

Team A - 24th January from 2pm - 8pm

Tuesday rehearsal dates at the studio

Team B - 19th January from 8pm - 9pm

Team A - 12th January from 8pm - 9pm


Rehearsal dates at Theatre Severn

Team B - 2nd February from 6pm - 10.30pm

Team A - 3rd February from 6pm - 10.30pm


Performance dates and times

(please arrive 2 hours before the performance)

Team B - Thursday 4th at 7pm & Saturday 6th at 7pm

Team A - Friday 5th at 7pm & Saturday 6th at 2pm


Tickets on sale now from Theatre Severn box office!


Rehearsals - Tuesday 5pm - 6pm & 7pm - 8pm (both rehearsal groups will combine for the performance but only have to attend the one rehearsal)

Oliver - Patrick Davies

Dodger - Akaash Das (rehearsing with Wednesday team)

Charley Bates - Gabriel Barford

Nipper - Poppy Moelwyn-Williams

Captain - Naomi Sanders

Gang Boy - Kiran Chandra

Boy Book Seller - Toby Gray

Bet - Saturday Matinee - Millie Harrower 

Bet - Friday - Lily Carney-Bradshaw

Bet - Saturday Evening - Lily Quinn

Bet - Thursday Evening - Izzy Regalade


Emily Marsh, Lily Quinn, Millie Harrower

Etholle Reynolds, Nancy Foxall, 

Keziah Titchford, Naomi Sanders, 

Izzy Regalade, Kathy Rivett,

Lily Carney Bradshaw, Leyla Tipton, 

Jess Moore, Josie Cox, Oz Lovell,  

Poppy Moelwyn-Williams, Isla Gutteridge,

Sofia Okeefe- Williams, Matthew Crowe, 

Amelie Butcher, Harrison Lord, 

Megan Ostrawski, Grace Ostrawski, 

Aniella Poli, Jessica Howitt, Betsy Hall

Noah Das (rehearses with Wednesday team) 


Rehearsals - Wednesday 5pm - 6pm

Oliver - George Sawbridge

Dodger - Harry Lewis

Charley Bates - Isaac Houghton

Nipper - Katie Holmes

Captain - Elijah Mcree

Gang Boy - Peter Balmer

Boy Book Seller - Rory Corfield

Charlotte (also ensemble) - Etholle Reynolds


Daniel Nayman, 

Rory Corfield,  Aled Houghton,

Isaac Houghton, Elijah Mcree,

Daniel McCloud, Peter Balmer, 

Patrick Argylian, 

Katie Holmes, Millie Holmes, Robyn Howard, 

Molly Tuer, Emily Whitmore, 

Violet Williams, Lola Woodhouse, 

Bella Smitheman

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