We have collected lots of costumes over the last ten years and want to create a full inventory with pictures for us to begin hiring out to other companies as well as schools and local projects. 

We are after a variety of children in different ages / sizes to help us create our lists. The pictures taken will be used on our new website for costume hire and marketing materials for our costume hires.


At this photoshoot we will be photographing; Annie Jr, Bugsy Malone, Matilda, Moana Jr and others


MATILDA - The intention is to also use some of the images of Matilda across our marketing so we are looking to get members of our casts for the production signed up for this shoot particularly.


Those that are interested in getting involved are asked to come to the photoshoot with a face of stage makeup. A description is below. Girls are asked to also wear thick flesh coloured tights, and boys are asked to wear black trousers and black smart shoes. 


Make up 

Base of foundation

Neutral eye shadow



Neutral lipstick 



Girls either half up / half down, French plaits or in a bun. 


To sign up please use the booing page below. Children will be with us for 2 hours and will have multiple pictures taken in various costumes. We will also make these pictures accessible to those involved in the photoshoot.