Wigle timetable 

April - JULY 2021




4pm - 5pm - Junior Musical Theatre (Ages 7 - 11)

5pm - 6pm - Bugsy Malone

6pm - 8pm - SPACE FOR FILMING PROJECTS (Annie / Musical Showcase)

8pm - 9.30pm - Adult musical theatre



4pm - 5pm - Moana option A

5pm - 6pm - Bugsy Malone

6pm - 7pm - The Witches 

7pm - 8pm - 13 the musical option A


4pm - 4.55pm - Young Musical Theatre Thursday class (Ages 5 - 7)

5pm - 6.00pm - Moana option B

6.00pm - 8.00pm - We Will Rock You 

6.00pm - Starting w/c 21st June: Mental Health Thursdays : New Yoga Classes with Alana Dean



4pm - 4.55pm - Young Musical Theatre Friday class (Ages 5 - 7)

5pm - 6pm - Junior Musical Theatre Moana Teams (Ages 7 - 11)

6pm - 7pm - Moana option C

7pm - 8pm - 13 the musical option B

In line with the culture secretary announcing rehearsals can resume we are thrilled to return to the rehearsal room. We want to remind members that all sessions will continue on zoom should any of the government guidance change or any local lock down occur. We have to ensure that when performances can resume we are ready to hit the stage with all of the high standard our audiences have come to expect.


The government guidance also suggests parents are careful when selecting the activities that children take part in and that they minimise the contact with too many other groups. We do expect this to mean some members are unable to sign up for our classes but we will look forward to welcoming them again when guidance changes and they are able to do so safely.


If you are unable to join us over the summer, we think there will still be spaces in sessions and that we may be able to increase class sizes. We are keen for members to join us and get used to the new studio ways and there is no guarantee a space will be there in Janr.

Our studio will be fully covid secure with enhanced cleaning measures carried out throughout the sessions. We will be positing a video of our studio and a how to guide next week.


Any questions please do email info@wigles.co.uk