The Wizard of Oz

''If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why can't I?''

Wizard of Oz 15th  - 17th April 2019

Join Get Your Wigle On as their young performers take audiences on a magical journey 'Over the Rainbow' with the musical one act version of THE WIZARD OF OZ - Young Performers Edition. 


This classic tale, in which a Kansas farm girl travels over the rainbow to discover the magical power of home, has been entertaining audiences for generations.


Meet Dorothy, Lion, Tinman, Scarecrow and all the colourful characters in this unmissable musical perfect for all ages. With fabulous costumes and set and songs including Munchkinland, Emerald City and If I Only Had A Brain... Get Your Wigle On this Easter half term!

TICKETS £12.50 CONC. £10
DURATION 70 mins


Cast List



Dorothy: Mia Harvey / Evie Smith 

Gultch / Wicked Witch: Alicia France-Evans 

Glinda: Avie Twynam 

Scarecrow: Jude Wilding

Tinman: Jonny Carrol

Lion: Ewan Griffiths 

Aunt Em: Sophie Middleton

Uncle Henry / Guard: Alex West

Prof Marvel / The Wizard of Oz: Morgan Lewis 

Beautician 1 / Crow 1 / Winkie 1: Meg Hicken

Beautician 2 / Crow 2 / Winkie 2: Amelia Dance

Beautician 3 / Crow 3 / Winkie 3: Molly speake 

Beautician 4 / Apple Tree 1 / Winkie 4: Bella Yeardley 

Beautician 5 / Apple Tree 2 / Winkie 5: Nancy Foxall

Beautician 6 / Apple Tree 3 / Winkie 6: Lola Woodhouse

Nikko (Leader of the monkeys): Elsa Guidon 

Winkie Leader: Violet Williams 

Oz Woman: Maddie Aiston 

Mayor: Tom Parker 

Coronor: Suzi Edwards

Barrister: Katie Holmes


City Mother: Hannah Vasby-Burnie

Munchkin solo 1 / Monkey: Poppy Moelwyn-Williams

Munchkin solo 2 / Monkey: Aniela Poli

Munchkin solo 3 / Monkey: Maddie Middleton

Munchkins / Emerald City Residents / Jitterbugs & Company:

Amelie Butcher

Alanna Donaghuy 

Emilia O’mahony

Tom Parker

Molly Avery

Poppy Moelwyn-Williams

Millie Holmes

Catherine May

Lily Quinn

Airlee Burgess

Lilly Onions



Dorothy: Lucy Morris 

Gultch / Wicked Witch: Emily Lloyd   

Glinda: Lucy Sirdefield / Hollie Edwards 

Scarecrow: Daniel Truvoneric 

Tinman: Harry Lawrence

Lion: Hugo Jennings

Aunt Em: Taylor Hayman

Uncle Henry / Guard: Jacob France 

Prof Marvel / The Wizard of Oz: Nye Crane 

Beautician 1 / Crow 1 / Winkie 1: Josie Handley 

Beautician 2 / Crow 2 / Winkie 2: Natasha Parker

Beautician 3 / Crow 3 / Winkie 3: Emma Shepherd 

Beautician 4 / Apple Tree 1 / Winkie 4: Izzi Seekins

Beautician 5 / Apple Tree 2 / Winkie 5: Edie Lewis

Beautician 6 / Apple Tree 3 / Winkie 6: Lizzie Nash

Nikko (Leader of the monkeys): Logan Timms

Winkie Leader: Holly Brookes 

Oz Woman: Ffion Gerrard

Mayor: Patrick Davies 

Coronor: Holly Boulger 

Barrister: Megan Ostrowski

Farmer: Jake Hopkins

City Mother: Lucia Holt

Munchkin solo 1 / Monkey: Martha Bruce 

Munchkin solo 2 / Monkey: Ella Statham 

Munchkin solo 3 / Monkey: Elizabeth Keeble 

Munchkins / Emerald City Residents / Jitterbugs & Company:

Poppy Wilson

Olivia Kirby 

Tom Haynes 

Oz Lovell

Sophie Harwood 

Isabelle Hamner

Jess Moore 

Chloe Hamner 

Dee Carrol

Harrison Lord

Gabriel Barford

Emily whitmore 


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